Snap Inc Spectacles are now available for online purchase

We have long tracked the Spectacles, the “connected” glasses of the Snap company.

Snap Inc, the company behind Snapchat, introduced Spectacles last September. These are sunglasses, but not normal ones, but sunglasses that integrate two small cameras that enable the recording of videos of 10 to 30 seconds.

Last November they went on sale in the United States, but in an unconventional way since it was only available through vending machines that appeared surprisingly on different locations in the United States.

All that changes now, Snap already offers Spectacles in its online store for $129, a competitive price that will surely attract many users. These glasses are available for purchase within the United States only. In addition to this, the acquisition of Snap Inc glasses will continue to be available through vending machines, which have now taken a small vacation to come back with more force. It will be interesting to see if the acceptance of the glasses is massive or not, and if there are collateral implications such as that suffered by Google Glass in terms of privacy.

Of course, the glasses will no longer be available in physical stores nor will be available to be purchase through Amazon, the glasses acquisition becomes available only at the online store Spectacles. As pointed out in TechCrunch, interested in the glasses can buy them online having to wait two to four weeks to receive them, whose limit is situated at 6 pairs per household.

Although the glasses can generate income for Snap Inc, at the moment they have not been significant although through improvements in costs it is possible that in the future they may be significant.

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