Snapchat Already Allows You to Use Snapcodes to Share Links to Any Website

From time to time Snapchat has demonstrated its potential as a marketing tool. Now, the latest update of the application aims to improve this facet. We talked about the possibility of creating Snapcodes to share links with users who scan them. Of course, all this without having to leave the application.

As for the operation of this new function, it promises to be the simplest. In fact, we would only have to open the settings to create a Snapcode that works for links to any website. What the company intends is that users of Snapchat can scan it in the same way we do with the Snapcode of the users we want to follow.

Although it can be a rather slow way of sharing links with our friends (we could simply send the link in text format through the chat), the function has a huge potential for companies, which in addition to using the Snapcodes for getting followers could start using them so that they access a particular place on your website and get, for example, a sale.

At this point it is important to keep in mind that at the moment it is only available to iOS device users. As for Android, the feature is still in beta, although it should not be late in being officially available. Meanwhile, you can update Snapchat for iOS through the App Store.


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