How to download New Lens Feature on Snapchat?

Update on 26th September 2018: The Snapchat was working on a lens features in the start of 2017. Finally, in 2018 that features launched by the company now the Lens features are available to download on Snapchet

How to install Lens features on Snapchat

Downloading a new Snapchat lens will be easier than scanning a physical snap code. After updating the app once the feature is out, opening the lens carousel from the Snapchat camera will also bring up a new icon at the upper right of the screen. Tapping that smiley face icon will open the Lens Explorer.

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, is working on an updated version of Lens that will superimpose animations of augmented reality in scenes.

In a report earlier this year, Vox reported that as smart mobiles continue to gain processing power, Snapchat could introduce ever more complex lenses.

These experimental lenses which are being tested internally are described as “smarter” than the lens in the existing Snapchat library. They can interact with real world objects and identify environmental elements, allowing them to superimpose digital effects on Snaps.

To explain a little how it works: First, Snapchat will model faces and the environmental location in a 3D space, taking into account rotation and even occlusion, so that the superimposed supports and animation effects are done correctly. Then, they process the movement of the camera in real time, producing the finished product. It is not yet known if in this new function the lens will be applied automatically or let users manually place them in scenes that are detected.

This feature could have potential for advertisers. A brand like Pepsi, for example, could sponsor a Lens that fits the bottles of the real world.

The time is right. Snapchat is preparing for an initial public offering valued at $25 billion. If the figure remains, it would become the largest US technology IPO since Facebook in 2012.

In case they get to release this new lens, they are expected to arrive for the Snapchat app on iOS and Android.

But these new lenses are not expected to come out early, as they “are not on Snap’s short-term product map,” according to The Information.


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