Snapchat to Focus on Trying to Keep Users From Leaving

Snapchat is preparing to go public. Thanks to this we have get hands to “secret” documents and among them the losses: more than one million dollars a day during the last year. In total, 476 million dollars were lost. Despite this, it is estimated that it will go public with a $25 billion valuation.

The same company says that it will be hard for them to be profitable, but in spite of it they are going to venture and will try to raise 3 billion dollars with this operation. The fact is that Snapchat has released a statement detailing that they will focus on trying to stop users from abandoning the application as well as trying to get old users back.

Snapchat has been dead since Instagram Stories exists. It is a fact that the sooner we assume it, the better. Facebook is trying to include the best features in the social network Instagram to create the hen of golden eggs.

What Snapchat took in five years, Instagram has succeeded in only five months stealing this feature, without a doubt, many of the users are inactive on Snapchat, while some still remain faithful to the pioneering application. This would not be a very serious problem because for people to create content in Snapchat, there must be a large percent of their contacts using the application, and if ever this number is lower, it is destined to die.

What has happened with Instagram Stories is what happens with the digital cameras of the mobiles. It is certain that an integrated camera of smartphones will never have the same as a reflex like a professional camera, but the fact that a smartphone is all-in-one device which makes us forget the clearly superior specifications of the dedicated camera.

So, you can say even though Snapchat excels in some features, but Instagram is like a all-in-one kind of package which is killing this application slowly.


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