Snapmaker will combine 3D printing, laser engraving and carving of objects in a modular way


Snapmaker is a new proposal that will soon begin its campaign through the Kickstarter collective funding platform. It is a modular 3D printer that also allows for laser engraving and object carving capabilities. The idea is that users can have three devices in one, combining their capabilities through the use of different modules.

But it will not be surprising just to enable the combination of three devices in one since it will also launch in the campaign at competitive prices. In this regard, Snapmaker with 3D printing functionality will be available for $299, while the laser engraving module and the object-carving modules will each cost $75, so those who want to have it all will have to pay only $449.

Snapmaker promises that its proposal is friendly even for those who approach for the first time to the world of 3D printing, being a modular device robust and reliable that allows to obtain the best results. The main features are highlighted in its official website.

The date on which the launch of the campaign is scheduled is for March 14. One will have to be attentive to the evolution of the same. We might have to see if it really attracts a sufficient number of interested parties. For now, it only remains to see the photographs and videos that have been published on its official website which tries to convince users of the solution this machine offers.


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