Snapsave Apk Review for Android & iOS Snapchat Users 2018


SnapSave is an application in Android that allows you to Snapchat videos, images and stories. I find this to be the hottest applications that no one can afford to overlook this app, regardless of how busy they are. This application has become highly popular only due to its amazing features that makes picture disappear the moment your view them, which means you need not spend time deleting each picture, besides the stories you upload have the visibility.

snapsave review

Now, here you get to save the videos and cool pictures from Snapchat, how about getting on to your phone and clearing doubt that does snapsave work? Yes, you are right, I am happy Snapchat has come with this application Snapsave that allows saving and viewing the photos received on Snapchat. This application Snapsave keeps you free of downloading videos and pictures procedure and gives the advantage of viewing anytime you want. There is the added advantage of keeping it secret as images saved through Snap save  is not notified to the image sender. Isn’t that really cool?

Snapsave for Android

As I already mentioned above that the Snapsave app is not in Google Play Store, but it can be downloaded as APK file and installed in the Android device. Install Snapsave apk file, but remember to change the settings. This is essential as to download as Unknown Sources on Android device.

Snapsave for iOS

You can use Snapsave on iOS device also for free. On ITunes store, get the download link. Same as Android click on Unknown sources in the settings and save application icon of Snapsave APK on the phone screen. On opening the file, agree to everything that the window prompts. It is done in few seconds.

How to Use Snapsave for Snapchat?

The app Snapsave is really very easy and as per the Snapsave apk review you can also keep it bookmarked and avail new updates. You may begin by giving your Snapchat account information and login through Snapsave app.

I want to point out one thing; you cannot use official Snapsave and Snapchat app together. Thus, remember, if you log into Snapsave you get logged out automatically from Snapchat. Thus, after log in, use this app as Snapchat client.


There is no special requirement to use this application. All that you require is your Android phone, internet connection and SnapSave Apk. These are required to enjoy this app. There is no need for root access and so believe it. These are not myths.

You can find snapsave for snapchat snapsave review and enjoy saving images. It is simple, that even non-techie people can get APK installed on their phone. According to me, this is one of the best apps for iOS and Android.


SnapBox is an amazing alternative for iOS users replacing Snapchat saver app. This is a handy application allowing downloading pictures and videos from Snapchat forever on your device. Once you login using Snapchat credentials, everything that you share or receive gets automatically downloaded.

Snapchat Saver

Snapchat Saver is also appropriate for Android and iOS users to download and save pictures and videos. Apart from these, it also allows saving Snapchat stories featuring photos and videos.


  • Permits Snapchat users to save both, videos and pictures.
  • Even screenshots on snapshots can be taken keeping the user unaware.


  • Not on Google Play Store.
  • The Snapchat filters are missed with Snapsave.


That’s it guys. There is no Snapsave and Snapchat official site, but definitely is the most used apps to save videos, snaps and stories. Definitively, Snapsave is the best for Android and iOS devices. Reach a better decision, get the complete essence of this app and give a try.






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