Snapseed is Updated for iOS by Adding a New Tool: Curves

Snapseed for iOS

Snapseed for iOS has just received an update which brings a new tool named curves to the application. In the App Store we can find a large number of applications that allow us to edit our photos to adjust the result to what we would have liked, but that in the rush or the conditions of the shot, we have not been able to obtain the perfect picture.

One of those used to perfect your picture is Snapseed, an application that Google takes great care of and updates constantly. The boys of Mountain View just released a new update of this application with a new function called curves as well as various improvements to try to convince those users who prefer to make use of other photo editing apps.

The main novelty of Snapseed update number 2.15 is related to a new function called curves. If you usually edit photos with other desktop applications or from the iPhone or iPad, you are sure to know this feature that allows us to adjust the brightness, color and tone of the photos. But in addition, it offers us various preset adjustments that analyzes the image to offer us the result that best suits the picture.

Snapseed has also improved the algorithm to detect the face, so it is much easier for the application. At the same time detecting only the face removing the background is also easy. If we like to customize our captures with texts, this update has added the option to add line breaks in text styles with several lines, an option expected by users but that Google had not decided to implement.

So you you have not yet downloaded the application, download it from the Apple Play Store via this link.


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