Snaptube App Review | 2018 | What’s so Special in this?

If you have kept up with the release of video apps then by now you know Snaptube app has had its fair share of critics.

I have been dabbling with video download apps for a while now looking for the one that really clicks with my taste. That is how I happened to stumble upon this a. I have been using this app for about 2 months now.

So, you can now put your legs up and just scroll through my review to know if Snaptube app is something you would like on your smartphone.

Snaptube app- What does it do? 

If you are an avid video collector like many of us here, then you know having a video download app is such a handy thing on your smartphones.

Snaptube app is a generation next Android app that lets you get your favorite videos right on your device. But here is what sets this app apart from others; this app lets you download videos from various sources with a keyword search.

That is a very handy thing to have when you are constantly logged in to get your video fill. I have been using this app for a while now and here are my reasons why I would like to review this app.

Video Quality Un-Matched 

I like my videos in nothing less than 1080p. Now that is a tough thing to get on video download apps. Snaptube app managed to give me that upper hand in letting me choose the highest quality of the video I would want on my device.

Many apps promise you quality videos that actually don’t support their module. But Snaptube app surprisingly lives up to this promise.

Multiple Video Download Made Easy 

I am one of those impatient down-loaders who will line up 700 videos at one go. Well, not 700 but a lot of them to be precise. And, I like my video apps to be competent in this.

Snaptube can sometimes slow my device down but on a general note, a good 7 video line up is a decent place to start your video train. And, Snaptube app starts downloading them all at once. So, keep a good internet connection handy for this app.

Easy User-Interface 

I can talk big but all in all, I hate boring and bland apps that take you through everything and is just not organized. I want my video app trendy, easy to use and the least steps to click on.

Snaptube app manages to deliver you exactly that. Their easy to use interface, non-clutter design, and keyword searches gives you the video you want form the right place, in the resolution you demand. All, in a very short span of time.

You can convert your videos to MP3-

Ah! Now this is a feature that caught my attention when using this app. Sometimes, I don’t want the video but I do like the audio.

Snaptube app has a feature that lets you download your selected video and save it as an MP3 file. That is a very handy tool, when video collectors like us want our cake and want to eat it too.

Is Snaptube going to break your Smartphone?

This is one of my main fears when I use video download apps. Is the security a concern? Will it break my phone and clutter it with viruses and unnecessary files?

To my disbelief, Snaptube did none of that at all. it is a 100% safe app and doesn’t work your phone up at all. Its light weight doesn’t hog up space and you can actually have your smartphone function at its optimum.

Network Disruption and Snaptube Downloading

Well, this is the place where Snaptube lost points in my book. When I tried downloading videos and my internet connection snapped, I found no better resume tab.

I had to re-navigate to the You Tube site and download it all over again. That is something Snaptube app could really look in to, and has gained its fair share of critics for it.

Lagged Music Page

Nobody likes a slow music page. And Snaptube app managed to gain its reputation in having lags on their music page.

Even I tried it out and found my device to slow down and the app hanging up. I don’t blame the critics anymore.

Ad banner disruption-

If you are on a free video download app, facing ads is a normal thing. But, not all apps have the clutter that Snaptube has.

I downloaded this app, and the amount of ads and banners that kept popping up slowed my download down and more importantly, as a user I found it heavily disruptive to the user engagement.

Is Snaptube app for a low-end phone? 

Oh no. This app is not for low end smartphones. Because of its ad clutter and high resolution video downloading, you would need a decent level smartphone to make sure you can use this app easily.

In fact if I have to take it a step further, the PC version for Snaptube app is far easier and faster to work with, than on smartphones.

My Snaptube App Wrap Up

So, here is the bit where I get to actually tell what Snaptube app does. I would advise a good internet connection and the PC version. And, if you have a high-end smartphone then that will work the best.

Snaptube app has met the fair share of shade thrown on it, but I still would say very few apps allow you the integrated site downloading of videos and even more, in the desired high resolution you want.



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