(Solved) Showbox Apk (Dec 2018) Not working error

Solutions to fix Showbox not working error, Loading error, Video not playing error, Server and internet connection error(December 2018) 

Showbox stopped to work on 29th November 2018 and still the people get unable to open it. Still people have hope the showbox will come back. The Showbox is one of the best movie streaming app which provides free access to latest movies and tv shows. But why it get banned to open. Why it is facing legal issues. These questions are still looks unsolved or confused.

The app is giving an error message ‘Connection error. Check your internet connection!’. This app is supposed to be shut down but not confirmed yet. Nobody is sure about the app is it disconnection permanent or temporary error.

(Solved) Showbox Apk (Dec 2018) Not working error
(Solved) Showbox Apk (Dec 2018) Not working error

The people are posting question on social media like Twitter continuously like:

WHY i am getting the error message: “Unfortunately, Showbox has stopped“. I have no idea why this was happening. I’ve not changed anything. Any ideas?

Why showbox is not openning, It there any alternative of showbox to watch free movie?

How to fix showbox internet connection and server error?

How to update showbox to latest version 2018?

TO watch free movies and tv shows The showbox is the ideal app, You must definitely install the showbox on android devices.You always experience smooth and fantastic playback when using this great free movies app However the Showbox not/stopped working error is still not solved but you can try to fix it by using possible ways. a

How to Fix Showbox Not Working Error

IF it is showing the “Unfortunately, Showbox has stopped” error than you can try these ways to fix it:

Clear data and cookies

Go to “Settings” Menu
▪ Click “Apps” to enter the full installed app list.
▪ Select Showbox to access to its App Info.
▪ Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache button.
▪ Finally, restart your devices and open Showbox again.

Reinstall or Update Showbox

If Showbox is still not working after data and cache is cleared, and not opening than you will have to reinstall the showbox apk 2018. You need to uninstall it first than go to the trust able showbox apk site and download the latest version of showbox.

You can find the reliable link on Showbox official Facebook or Twitter rather than explore a random download address among Google search results.

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