Some users of the iPhone 7 Matte Black Version are left with the problem of discoloration

If we believed that only the iPhone 7 jet black suffered paint problems from the scratches, we are wrong, the iPhone 7 in matte black also has them. According to the different complaints that we can see in Apple Support, many users have complained about falling paint of the iPhone 7 in matte black, with or without a cover.

This is somewhat similar to what happened with the iPhone 5 at the time. It seems that they are isolated cases but the list of affected is growing every day. These affected people reveal that the paint goes on the sides and the back. Especially it seems to affect iPhone 7 more than Plus model. Apple has not offered any solution yet, and it certainly will not.

iPhone 7 paint problem

One of the complaints on Apple Forum:

” I bought my iPhone 7 Plus and after three weeks the paint has begun to peel close to the right speakers. I contacted Apple Care and they asked me to send them a couple of pictures of the problem and after twelve days they told me that it is not covered by the warranty because it is an aesthetic damage.”

The logical thing would be to think that this happens with use and time and that is something normal. But it is not so, it seems that is also happening to users who have just bought the iPhone, so in principle it must be anodized problem.

As we have commented, this is something similar to what happened with the iPhone 5. Thousands and thousands of users complained about the problem and Apple did not do much. This is the email Phil Schiller sent to an affected user:

” Any aluminum product can be scratched or peeled with use, exposing its natural silver color. This is normal. ”

Apple should seriously look into this matter to avoid such problems in the upcoming iPhone 8 models.


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