Sony Announces a Pack of PS4 next to ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’

PS4 Console

Sony Interactive Entertainment has just announced that coinciding with the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn on March 1, will be released a pack of PS4 console next to the game of Guerrilla Games.

A pack with everything you need

This pack will include the newest thinner and lighter PS4 model with a 1TB hard drive, a DualShock 4 wireless controller and a copy of ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ in Blu-ray format. In addition, as an additional bonus for those who purchase this pack in March, will also find within the box a subscription of 3 months to PlayStation Plus, which among other benefits will translate into three full months of exciting online game, a selection of games for PS4 , PS3 and PS Vita to download every month, access to exclusive discounts on PlayStation Store, or 10GB of cloud storage to save our games.

‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ will put us in the role of a skilled hunter named Aloy, with whom we explore a vibrant and exuberant world inhabited by mysterious mechanized creatures, embarking on an absorbing journey full of emotions, all while unraveling the mysteries Of tribal societies, ancient artifacts and advanced technologies that will determine the destiny of your universe and the life that inhabits it.


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