Sony has already sold 60 million PS4 and closes the best year in the history of the console

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Sony always manages to hit with the perfect key each time it launches a console. Their success stories have not stopped since the arrival of the original PlayStation. The latest model to reach the market, with all its different variants, has already sold 60 million units. PS4 is still far from the success of its previous generations but follows a sales evolution similar to that of PS2.

Japanese company Sony has presented its financial results for the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2017. Despite the sales being down 6.2% than the previous year, adding all departments, the games division is the one that keeps the company afloat. Sony has already sold more than 60 million units in total including the 20 million sold throughout 2016.

Sony has already sold 60 million PS4

As mentioned, the games division is the most profitable in Sony’s business, reporting operating profits of 135.6 billion yen, about $1.210 billion. Sales of this division grew 6.3% and profit 52.9%. For the fiscal year, from now to March 31, 2018, the Japanese company expects to sell another 18 million units.

At that time, the console will have spent four years in the market and is following a better selling trend than PS2. As we learn from the next tweet, sales of PS4 will surpass those of PS2 that sold 71 million units after 48 months in the market and ended up selling 150 million after 11 years. We don’t know if it will hold for that many years because we are in a reality where new products are launched everyday but the first four years are paying off notably.

With the arrival of PS4 Pro with more power and support for technologies such as 4K or HDR, Sony hopes to further extend the virtuous circle of the console. However, Microsoft will soon contract with Project Scorpio while Nintendo has bet very strongly on Switch, another console that is recording a major release in the market with spectacular sales figures.


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