Sony introduced the world’s fastest SD card

The new SF-G series of Sony SD cards are looking to break records and bring together a number of features that will make them talk.

They will become the fastest SD cards in the world, promising transfer speeds of 299 MB/s for writing and 300 MB/s for reading, with UHS-II interface support. And this is no accident, and these SD cards are specifically designed for 4K video.

There are 3 models, as detailed in the specifications of 32, 64 and 128 GB. In addition to its main feature, it has some additional details that have taken into account to give an extra to the goodness of this card.

For example, they are waterproof, shock resistant, and their operation will not be affected by temperatures ranging from -25 ° to 85 °, according to their tests.

And as a bonus, for those users who want to have a plan B in case of data loss, these cards are compatible with File Rescue, the software that allows you to recover files that we have accidentally deleted, be it videos, music, photographs, etc.

Although they have offered a very complete description of the potential of this new series of cards, they have not yet mentioned the price. We will have to wait for the date of its release which will be in March. To know all the features of this new card, you can visit the link below. This is Sony’s official website which shares insights about this new product.



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