Sony to launch 13.3-inch digital book reader in June


This past April, Sony introduced the new generation of its e-reader called Digital Paper (model DPT-RP1), which has incremental improvements over its previous version. There are certain improvements like the new thinner and lighter design, its 13.3 inches screen that reaches a resolution of 1650 x 2200 and a more sensitive touch panel among other improvements. With these improvements Sony has intended to offer a better reading experience and type of documents in which it also has improved annotations and note-taking functions.

As we see, it is a product especially interesting for both students and professionals, having a price somewhat lower than the previous version, which was priced at $ 1,100, while this version will be released to the market over $ 700, a price that is still quite high but that allows more users to reach it. So far it was not known where it was going to be released initially up until a few days ago, when Sony has confirmed that it will be launched next June in the United States at the price mentioned above.

This way the future users of this device can store all their documents and access them wherever they go. If we are to continue the trend then the second generation of Sony Digital Paper will have 16 GB of internal storage, equivalent to 10,000 PDF documents. Also note that a full battery charge will grant a period of 3 weeks and will also have a new security system, among other features.

The only thing left to do for those who are interested is to wait a little longer, if they are in the United States, to acquire their units. Then they can read all those documents they want to integrate wherever they go, especially, having the possibility to make transfers of documents to and from desktop computers with ease.


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