Soon You Will Be Able to Run Android Apps in Ubuntu Touch

ubuntu touch

Although many few people use Ubuntu Touch smartphones, if you are one then soon you will be able to install and run android applications in it.

The fact that Ubuntu Phone has not yet taken off is for several reasons, among which are for example the fact that there are not many applications and only on two devices with this OS. For this reason they didn’t had many sales. An operating system without applications is a dead operating system, which is almost impossible to survive.

If there are no apps nobody will want to use the operating system, and if nobody wants to use the operating system, no developer will design apps. As if this were not enough, we add that to install Ubuntu Phone, you will have to perform a series of rather complicated processes.

A community project could revive Ubuntu Touch. Four developers are trying to carry out a project whereby each of the Ubuntu Phone can run Android applications (just some would be) without any problems. This obviously will not solve the availability problem but it could boost the platform a bit. This would give access to millions of applications to the Ubuntu smartphone.

On person from the team said: they would like to try this project when it is finally finished to see how it behaves, and see if it is actually able to execute APK correctly. I personally will take care of it. Once developed, it will be able to be ported to Ubuntu Desktop, so we would end up having compatibility (if they carry the project, of course) with APKs in the desktop operating system in Ubuntu, and consequently in Android.

In Chrome OS for example Google has managed to compatibilize Android applications, so the next version of operating system for desktop computers is expected to come with the Play Store installed, so it’s not a crazy idea.


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