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Spark email download for android (best email app)

Daily we get lots of emails and it is really a headache to manage all of them. To organize our emails Google has launched the Google Inbox app before 4 years ago but recently Google has announced that the app has been shut down. But don’t worry folks a new app has rolled the official Android play store named Spark Email. There are many free email service providers exists as well but If you are looking for an organization focused app that can manage messages from various email accounts then Spart email is for you.

The smart email app comes with various features which will amaze you. If you want to aware of all the facilities of this amazing email app then you have landed at the exact path. Let’s start our discussion and come to know the important features of the Spark email app.

Spark Email app review

Spark Email: Personal email client

Spark was initially launched for iOS users and Millions of iPhone and MAC users are enjoying the app and recently it has landed on the Google Play store. Spark Mail app hosts a bunch of amazing features that’s why it is the perfect alternative of Google Inbox app. You can download the Spark mail app from the official play store for free but before going further have at its specialties.

Spark Email: Key Attires

Features you must try in Spark by Readdle

If you want to take control of your inbox with Spark app then these hilarious features will shock you. Try them:

1. Send later

This simple feature of the Spark empowers you to schedule your emails to send later or on a specific time. This facility will lessen your burden and also enhance the general response time for your emails.

2.Emphasis on important emails

One of the best features of the Spark email is that it situates messages on the top which are important for you. You can easily pin and reply to these important emails.

3. Spark for teams

Another most notable thing about Smark email is that it allows you to generate, discuss, and share emails with your teammates. One of the best tool to take your team collaboration on the next level. You can:

How to download and install the Spark Email on your Android device

I think you are going to crazy to download this revolutionary email app. You have to follow these simple steps to download and install the Spark mail app on your device:

Well, folks are you ready to use this advanced email app? If yes then download it fast and upgrade your email experience. I hope you gathered the exact information via our post and if you liked it then do share with your family and friends.

Still, any question regarding Spark email then let us know below in the comment section. For more informative updates stay tuned and keep reading.

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