‘Splatoon 2’ Confirms Return of Hub and Special Weapons


Little by little we know new details about ‘Splatoon 2’, one of the star games for Nintendo Switch that were officially confirmed during the presentation of January 13 dedicated to this console.

After analyzing the trailer and several scenes of game in this complete analysis, we have remained several days without news on this desired sequel. But the wait is over, as Nintendo has decided to share new illustrations and game captures that serve to confirm the return of new weapons.

The buckets and the dies are back for this sequel. It has not been specified whether all weapons belonging to both types will return or if there will be new features in their catalog, so there is still room for surprise. Accompanying shared illustrations and screenshots with new inklings are now more fashionable because they can change their hairstyle, carrying the most basic versions of both types of weapon.

The cube has been redesigned to fit the new trends, although in terms of use, it does not appear that significant changes have taken place. The squeegee has been modified in shape, but it seems that in functionality it stays as it is. For now it is unknown what will be the secondary and special that will accompany both.

In spite of these new announcements, it is necessary to remember that Nintendo has already confirmed the return of all the types of weapon-eye, specifically they have spoken of types of weapon, not of all the arms in itself, reason why many of the coming confirmations are taken for granted. Of course, we are surprised with many weapons never seen before, and also with developments related to secondary, special, scenarios and game modes.

The hype train for ‘Splatoon 2’ has already started and will not stop until the game finally reaches stores in summer of 2017, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.


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