Spontana, an iOS app for random people to tell us if we look good


For those who need sincere feedback on their physical appearance, Spontana is born, an application for iOS that allows us to upload a photo of ours and get votes from the community, generating lists of “the most handsome and beautiful” to be able to inflate More superficial ego correctly. The android version of the app will be launched soon.

They present it as a mix between Instagram and Tinder, since we may have interest in someone while we value their photos, communicating with the person in question.

To use it we only have to take a picture of ourselves (or upload one already made before) and wait for 12 people from the community to vote on a scale of 10. The two lowest scores will be deleted, and the rest will be added to determine our grade. If we are close to 100, the visibility of the photo will increase, so that more people can enjoy our incredible beauty.

Spontana offers data on people who vote, such as their countries, for example, so that it is possible to see the precision with which certain groups are evaluated or the places that have more activity and more “beautiful people”.

One of the goals is to make new contacts, since we can know Facebook and instagram profiles within the app, thus being a good way to spread our own profile around the world. You can download this app from the app store through this link.


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