Spotify buys Sonalytic audio detection platform

Spotify buys Sonalytic

Spotify has acquired Sonalytic audio detection platform for an undisclosed amount. Sonalytic is a startup that has an audio detection platform similar to the one Shazam has, although it has no app for individual use and yes a series of APIs for other services to use its service.

It has been announced on Spotify blog that it has bought this company, and reports about what it intends to do with it:

The advances in audio feature detection will be used in a number of ways to advance Spotify’s mission: to enhance Spotify’s custom playlists and to combine songs with compositions to improve our publishing data system.

It does not indicate anything very specific, but apparently they want to work on functions that help to improve the playlists by taking advantage of the detection of what is heard, so that, possibly, we could include songs by tattooing them or whistling some piece of the melody.

Shazam is already a giant in this category and it is unlikely that Spotify wants to eat part of its market, so we could intuit that these will be functions that expand the possibilities within the platform without losing sight of its main objective: to offer music to the users at an acceptable price. It would be possible, for example, to find similar songs by comparing parts of their audio files, something that Sonalytics would be able to perform thanks to its detection system.

No details have been given on the amount paid on such acquisition.


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