Spotify protests against ‘abuse’ of Apple and Google


Google and Apple are making things difficult for Spotify and similar companies, such as Deezer, as hinted according to the two in a letter presented in Brussels. It is signed by these two companies among others and it ensures that the mobile operating systems, application stores and search engines of which Apple and Google participants are acting as an obstacle, instead of being limited to function that corresponds to them as a gateway for access to their services.

This letter does not explicitly mention Google and Apple, but referring to search engines, app stores and mobile operating systems. However in the same, the executive directors of the different companies explain that there is a mismatch that requires specific rules for the regulation of the interaction between the platforms. There is a problem, according to the position of Deezer and Spotify, that points to a possible abuse of dominant position.

Are Apple and Google abusing companies like Spotify?

It is clear that there is a conflict of interests between Spotify or Deezer among others similar to them and Google and Apple. The two giant Internet companies manage their respective mobile operating systems where these apps are installed and their corresponding mobile app stores. So far it’s fine, but the problem is that Google and Apple have Google Play Music and Apple Music, which are alternative services as oppose to the services provided by companies such as Spotify and Deezer. This allegedly adversely affected some and so they have launched allegations of abuse of a dominant position.

In the past, Apple and Spotify have already had problems. According to the position of Spotify, previously Apple has rejected application updates and delayed its appearance in the App Store. Spotify, meanwhile, has sought to oppose Apple’s usual revenue share, which leaves 85% for developers and 15% for the company that manages the app store. At the moment, Google and Apple have not issued any official communication about it, and since Brussels has not taken any initiative around the protests of Spotify and Deezer.


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