Spotify tests Hi-Fi streams to deliver music in high quality

Spotify test Hi-Fi

Spotify has launched tests on Tuesday about a new offer called Spotify Hi-Fi and to deliver music streams in particularly high quality.

As The Verge reported, the streaming service Spotify is supposed to start a Hi-Fi offer with uncompressed audio streams, which would deliver music in high quality and is currently being tried out by a small group. In the future, the service “Lossless Audio” which means uncompressed music data could be offered as a paid service. The charge for a normal Spotify subscription is between five and ten dollars a month.

The streaming of loss-free audio files has been offered in Austria since 2015 by Tidal. Spotify could now try to inspire a part of its 40 million customers for its new hi-fi offer and try to win new customers who place particularly high demands on the music consumption. An official statement on Spotify Hi-Fi is not yet available.
“We are constantly testing new products and offers but have not yet announced anything,” the company says.

So, soon many users will get access to this new service from Spotify to listen high quality music. Since the company has not released any official statement, we cannot predict the release and price it will carry. One thing is for sure that if this service is liked by the existing Spotify users then definitely this music app will attract more users who use different applications for this purpose.


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