Spotify would integrate with Waze to play music while driving

Spotify integrates with Waze

The news we bring you today is that Spotify would integrate with Waze to allow listening to music while we drive. It would integrate natively in the application, as we drive, on the screen we will get the map, and above the movements we have to do. There, we will get the Spotify symbol that, if we slide down, we will see how it will stop the music, select another song or directly open another list from our library.

In the market there are numerous alternatives to Spotify, but at the end of the day, it is an almost irreplaceable application, and many companies know that. So the news that we have brought today is about how Spotify would integrate with Waze to play music while you are driving.

Spotify is a very useful application for the majority of users, both in its free service and in its premium service, so that we see that it has a bigger impact on users, who go from buying albums and songs, to paying a Monthly service and have all the songs on your device without internet, or simply have them on your device and listen to them with internet if we talk about the free version. Today, we see how an application will take full advantage of Spotify, although it is good news for both parties.

When we go by car, the most common thing for most users is to listen to music, either from the radio or from our personalized list. One of the most criticized things of Google Maps is that you could not listen to music while navigating with the mobile, because they did not complement each other well and in the end the sound of navigation ended up not letting us hear the music. Waze is another browser that works just as well as Google Maps, which is why they have decided to take a step forward.

What this will do is to have a better usability when it comes to driving, as we will not have to keep an eye on the cellphone when changing songs. Just turn it on, but pressing a button or two, we will have done everything we want. For now, this feature will begin to reach all Android phones first as officially commented the company. At the moment, for iOS devices, we have no news, but we do not think it will take long to arrive after its Android deployment begins.


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