Statistics: Microsoft is the Big Winner in the Tablet Market, Google and Apple Lose Shares

While most manufacturers still drive very well with it, every half year a new flagship of smartphone is introduced. It looks quite different for tablets as the manufacturers now serve the market in a very neglected way and that is with a look at current figures also very easy to explain. The entire market is declining and has dropped 9 percent over the year.

After a few years of steady growth, tablets seem to have reached their zenith last year, as the market is now declining and the fourth quarter of 2016 has fallen by a whole 9 percent in the important Christmas quarter. Overall, 63.5 million tablets were sold in the last three months of the year, while 69.5 million units were sold during this time in the previous year. The reason for this is, of course, that there has been no perceptible innovation on the market for a long time.

tablet market share

In the market shares of the operating systems of these tablets is a very unusual picture. Windows is the only system to gain strong market shares and now comes to a share of 16 percent, what one could have dreamed of a long time for smartphones. In the previous year, the company had a share of only 11.8 percent. For Microsoft, it has now paid off to adapt Windows for the tablet and to enter into partnerships with companies.

This market share has been taken down mainly by Google and Apple. Android now has a market share of 63 percent, after 65 percent in the previous year. Apple continues to serve with its iPad with 20.6 percent, after 23.2 percent in the previous year. For Apple, the loss is therefore somewhat larger, but overall, it does not work well for the two established mobile strollers. Microsoft seems to be on its way with its surface concept, even if it did not introduce a new one last year.

However, both Apple and Google will not let these numbers sit on them and will certainly attack again soon. Especially Google’s future solution will be interesting, because now one has two operating systems suitable for tablets. Android is still the first choice, but according to Google’s plans, Chrome OS may be designed in the future as a tablet OS.

Even though the market has fallen asleep, it is still far from being a in a deep sleep. Let’s see what Microsoft, Apple and Google, the three mega giant companies plan to bring this year and for whom the tablet market yields better results.


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