Streamlabs Obs Gen Next Tool for Youtube

Streamlabs Obs
Streamlabs Obs

Streamlabs Obs is here to provide you an in-depth solution for your day to day requirements as a video maker. 

Are you a Youtuber? Or aspiring Youtuber? I am sure you are struggling with a broadcasting issue. It happens with almost everyone faces problems in several stages, broadcasting is one of the major parts of this.

Today, you will get all your solutions as I will provide you details of Streamlab Obs. Yeah.. it is going to be a one-stop solution for all problems. Get ready to revamp your live streaming for more information read till the end.

Streamlabs Obs
Streamlabs Obs

Streamlabs Obs

Streamlabs Obs is a one-stop solution for all problems related to living streaming. By using this software you can bring out the best of both worlds by using a single App. Yes.. you can do that all using a tiny user-friendly App.

Streamlabs Obs is a software empowered with backend support of Obs with the benefits of streamlabs unique features. The features you will get after using are as follows:

Single Window Solution

Streamlabs Obs has a revolutionary single-window solution. Here you got all essential options just like Twitch, Video editor, recent events, YT Chat etc. The dashboard given is user-friendly this also saves your CPU memory used and productivity of your work. As you don’t have to spend time switching the windows to use different features of the software.


The software allows you to set up widgets to get all updates at your home screen. Get rid of copy-paste where you have to paste source code on the browser. Easily set up a widget and test all in a single window.

Use Filters

You can choose from several filters available on the software. It will simply extend the quality of your streaming and works as eye candy for your viewers. Some of these filters are up to next-level your viewers will enjoy the meme look. Even it doesn’t require any additional event or alert.

Smart encoding

Streamlabs Obs bring out a smart encoding system that makes flawless encoding that makes streaming appealing. The custom encoder for a popular game can be done single-handedly. A major benefit of this is it will use 20% less CPU while giving the same video quality.

It also provides an option for making the video better by 2x better without providing stress on CPU. Supported games available till date are PUBG, League of Legends, Fortnite, DOTA 2, CSGO, Destiny 2.

Quick Setup

It comes with one of the easiest and fastest onboarding process ever. It just takes 60 seconds for making the initial setup that makes it best among all of its competitors. If your PC is a generation old the only case when it takes a longer time for setting up.


Streamlabs Obs features one of the largest Theme library having animated, regular themes and overlays. It is not a joke the software has 200+ styled themes that cost more than $1million of cost. By using the software you got access these all for free.


Does it works?

Are you joking? It is one of the best tools for all your streaming requirements. Most importantly it is free and open-source that makes it good enough to give a trial. As it works for making you streaming better that without even paying.

The app is making itself better day by day by adding new features, themes and tons of new widgets. Even you can use it by your mobile as an android application is available. Get ready to start a flawless journey of streaming just note that it is a public beta version you can experience some issues.  

Installation Process for Streamlabs Obs

Any one can install streamlabs Obs on their system easily by following steps given below:

  • You can use the given link to download the software.
  • After downloading the software sign in your account to get alerts from Obs.
  • If you are a previous user of Obs you can import your settings.
  • If you are new select Start Fresh.
  • In settings option select stream tab.
  • Open service option and select
  • Add your stream key.
  • If you don’t know your stream key just check the Broadcast dashboard.
  • After pasting the stream key save it.
  • You are all sone to start a flawless stream.


I hope you like the information shared here and will refer it to your friends and family members.Streamlabs Obs is such a great tool that will simplify the task of a live stream and making maximum results in minimum efforts. Share your experience of using the software also if you know any other software that provides advantages given mention it in the comment box given below.  


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