Sunrise Pillow, the smart pillow that is triumphing on Kickstarter

Sunrise Pillow

Sunrise Pillow is a smart pillow whose Kickstarter campaign is triumphing remarkably, having already reached more than 500% of the $50,000 funding target, and remaining ahead of yet another 18 days of campaigning.

As we pointed out, this is a smart pillow that not only monitors the quality of sleep but also generates a daily sunrise simulation by using light with the aim of eliminating fatigue and other problems that may occur when using alarm clocks that abruptly starts alarming without taking anything into account other than the scheduled time.

In this aspect, Sunrise Pillow function of Sunrise Pillow will look for the optimum moment in which there is light sleep on a certain time scheduled. Then it would begin its process of imitation of the nature’s dawn. Additionally, it would also offer music or natural sounds once it has completed the process.

Basically, it is an alternative to the traditional alarm clocks or even the mobile alarm clock applications that do not offer a gradual wake-up operation but instead cause startling and productivity problems throughout the day.

In addition, the management of the different functions integrated in the pillow itself can be carried out both through the controller provided as well as through the mobile application available for Android and iOS. The battery of the controller can also be charged through the integrated charging port and as for the mobile application, using them one can also view data of their sleeping trends over time.

It is an option that has aroused the interest of Kickstarter users themselves. Those who participate in the campaign will receive their rewards in the month of October, whose shipments will be made to any part of the world.


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