Super Bomberman R: developed in Unity, Detailed Multiplayer Mode

There are two new rounds of news that revolve around ‘Super Bomberman R’ for Nintendo Switch. The new game, developed by personnel of the old Hudson Soft, absorbed by Konami, looks for its return to the best times of the brothers dynamiteros.

On the one hand, it has been discovered that the game has been developed under the Unity engine. This data has been revealed through the official portal of the Game Developers Conference 2017. ‘Super Bomberman R’ will be one of the games that will be available to take some games and is part of the section of games developed under this engine. This data is neither positive nor negative, rather a detail, since for months it has been known that Nintendo Switch offers support for graphics engines like Unity or Unreal 4, which are being used by many studies today.

The other news revolves around the options of multiplayer game offered by this title, which have been detailed after a recent update on the official website. In local mode, a single Nintendo Switch can recognize up to eight controls so players can play simultaneous games with eight on-screen characters. Another possible configuration for the local game is to communicate four Nintendo Switch in total, with a pair of players attending each screen – two controls per console. Finally, in the face of online multiplayer, a maximum of two players per screen are allowed to fight fighting between eight characters.

‘Super Bomberman R’ will be one of the launch games for Nintendo Switch, so it will be available in stores worldwide from March 3, 2017. Konami will be selling the game in both physical and digital format. The title is developed in three-dimensional environments, with illustrations and cinematic scenes animated in the purest anime style.


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