Super Free Music Player, the latest Android app with Malware

Super Free Music Player

Again an android app with malware has been detected in the Google Play Store, just days after we echo the dangers of a new flashlight app appeared in the app store. This time it is a music application called Super Free Music Player which turns out to be another application infected with malware.

The app was uploaded to the Play Store on March 31 this year, which means it has been available for more than a month before being discovered. Fortunately, this time the number of users affected is not too high as the application has been downloaded by less than 10,000 users before it was withdrawn from the application store.

As is often the case with these potentially dangerous applications, the malware in this Android app allowed you to activate and download additional software from remote websites, as well as upload data from the infected Android device. Data that can be loaded includes reports on the applications that are installed, model, fabrication, phone SDK version, country, and even the phone language. The infected application itself uses a technique similar to that of the BrainTest malware, a technique that can prevent detection even by Google’s own security systems.

BrainTest was discovered in 2015 by Check Point on a Nexus 5 phone. The malware used various techniques to remain undetected in the Play Store as well as simply remain on the infected device. After the discovery, Google Play quickly eliminated malware, but now appears to be active again with a new name, as demonstrated by the Super Free Music Player Android app.

The discovery was almost accidental, and happened as part of the malware hunt that has been organized in the latter in order to purge infected applications. The Google Play Store has a big problem with the infected applications lately, and this sweep was necessary after some applications were discovered with malware hidden for months. The most commonly used malware was FalseGuide, which infected more than 40 applications and more than 2 million users for 5 months before being discovered hidden in Pokémon Go and Fifa guides.


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