‘Super Mega Baseball 2’ to hit PC, PS4 and One in September

Super Mega Baseball 2

Despite being dated to mid-2017, the ‘Super Mega Baseball 2’ will finally arrive during the month of September to PC, PS4 and Xbox One to continue doing what it does best, represent from an arcade point of view and with a sense of humor the good old sport of baseball.

Old dog, new tricks

Basically this new delivery is not far from what we saw in 2014, but the devil is in the details where the new work of Metalhead Software becomes truly great. Especially in the personalization section as it is one of the great strengths of ‘Super mega Baseball 2’. So now we will be able to create whole leagues in which we will be able to configure the number of divisions that we want have and the amount of participating teams, being able to the customize the same one time by changing names, logos and even the equipment, down to the laces of the shoes everything will be modifiable.

Although the game will maintain a certain caricature style that has also been made a face-lift which brings you closer to a more serious point, but not quite there. Even thought the game was not visually spectacular (far from it) but now with this new delivery it looks remarkably better, as you can see in the video published recently by the study responsible.

The good old sport of baseball is one of the traditional games and along with the arcade view it sort of takes people in another era. If not for nothing people still love and enjoy playing the age old game of baseball and for some people the arcade mode is just the icing on the cake. So, just enjoy the ‘Super Mega Baseball 2’ which now hits PC, PS4 and One in September.


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