Supercell launches the ‘Baby Dragon’ of Clash Royale

Baby Dragon Clash Royale

The guys at Supercell never cease to amaze us. Yesterday they announced on their official blog that they have already put on sale the baby dragon of Clash Royale (but in the form of stuffed toy).

They have presented a kind of teddy that looks a lot like the baby dragon of the game. They have made it clear that the process of building it was very complicated and that without doubt the hardest part of all was to recreate the teeth. This is less dangerous because it does not fire or burn you, but it is very beautiful and funny.

With this move the Clash Royale guys want the fans who use the baby dragon in their decks to buy it as a teddy bear and have this beautiful memory, so they wanted to put it in the store available for the fans to buy it. It is a very beautiful memory and in addition, the plush itself is beautiful.

They have made it clear that it had been difficult to get the results. It was difficult to get its shape and look like the game and it will look good being a clear teddy.

The great news is this that we tell you, that now you will be able to buy the Baby Dragon of Clash Royale. It’s not a joke, it’s totally true and the Supercell guys themselves advertise it on their blog all over the place.

You can take a look from the Clash Royale Store, although it is not cheap because its price is $ 35. This is one of the first products to be part of merchandising Clash Royale, because it is one of the icons of the game, after all, even one of the cards at the beginning is still very much seen in the decks.

Source : Clash Royale Official Blog


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