Surface Pro 4 receives an update from fimrware, we tell you the improvements

Surface Pro 4

Microsoft continues to take care of its Surface family, not only because it is the division that is increasing its revenue but also because users have also verified that Microsoft is doing very well in the range of tablets and laptops. For these reasons the Redmond continues to release firmware updates to further improve the operation of the Surface range.

So, a new firmware update has been released for the Surface Pro 4 loaded with improvements as shown below and surely the people who have this model will be thankful for it.

  • Microsoft Driver Update for Surface Embedded Controller Firmware: Version 103.1684.256.0 improves battery life during standby
  • Intel Corporation driver update for Intel (R) Precise Touch Device: Version disables the touch when the lid is closed and improves stability
  • Surface driver update for Surface Integration: Version improves the hibernation system
  • Microsoft driver update for Surface Touch Servicing ML: Version 1.0.724.0 optimizes touch capabilities
  • Surface driver update for Surface System Aggregator: Version 103.1610.256.0 fixes problems with the brightness of the screen when the device returns to standby
  • Surface driver update for Surface UEFI: Version 106.1624.768.0 improves the brightness settings
  • Microsoft Driver update for Surface Touch: Version optimizes touch capabilities

Improvements that heavily impact on a longer battery life and will help brighten all users. It is to be thankful that Microsoft continues to show good support for its Surface products and let’s not forget that the Surface Pro 4 is still an exceptional product based on its performance, quality and above all screen quality, all thanks to PixelSense it is really wonderful to see or edit content in high resolution. If you are thinking about buying a Surface product, we recommend you take a look at the new Surface Pro that was introduced this month and is predicted to become the best tablet in the market.


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