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SurfEasy VPN, The Best Tool to Maintain Your Privacy

SurfEasy VPN for Safe and Secure Browsing

We all are busy exploring online stuff. Did you ever think that is your privacy safe while surfing online stuff? There are tons of malicious sites which can harm your confidential information like passwords, bank details and many more. For escaping all these hurdles there are numerous  VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. SurfEasy VPN is one of the best services which provides you with anonymous browsing experience and hides your online activity. Intoxicates can’t reach to your location and you can freely explore.

SurfEasy also allows you to unblock censored sites. In many countries, some sites are blocked due to some privacy reasons. If you want to access those sites then SurEasy permits you to do so. It acts like a bypass between you and restricted sites. It attributed with top-notch and no-log internet security which defends your private information and all your communication is encrypted. Surfeasy provides you free data for more browsing. Presently its server is in 13 countries.

Features of SurfEasy

Undoubtedly SurfEasy is concerned for your safety as well as provides fast browsing without any hassle. Still wants to be aware of its promising features, take a look below, I traced out all the significant features of SurfEasy.

Cross-Platform Support

SurfEasy is available on almost all devices. There is software for your PC and Mac, Apps for Android and iOS devices and extensions for chrome. It doesn’t support router level but still has sufficient elasticity for a medium user.

Extensive Data

SurfEasy has various plans but all the plans for it come with unlimited and at same the time one connection access to five devices. This is the most favourable feature of SurfEasy for those who want to get benefit from its high-speed server at multiple places like home or outside. It provides you better services even under your ISP’s limits.

Blocks Malicious Sites

SusfEasy’s first priority is to protect your privacy. It tracks all the sites and advertisements which follow your online activities and block them automatically. If you want to surf anonymously then it is the best VPN service for you.

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with it then you can get back your money within seven days and it will refund you without asking any question. This a very good thing about it.

No Log Policy

Surface works through no logging policy that means it doesn’t acquire any of your logging information and never track your surfing and even it doesn’t take any proof of your online activity. It makes your activity completely untraceable.

Wi-Fi security

Wi-Fi security is the best feature of it. When you connect with a public Wi-Fi its Wi-Fi security automatically activate and you don’t need to on it. So you feel free when using a public Wi-Fi with SurfEasy.

SurfEasy Download for Android

SurfEasy is available on play store. The download process is so simple for Android devices. Just go to play store and type SurfEasy in the search box, it will show you SurfeEasy VPN, now click on install button. Wait for few minutes and after finishing the installation process open the SurfEasy.

Hola VPN also another choice for Android And PC users.

SurfEasy’s Installation for PC/Laptop/Windows

If you want to enjoy its privacy features on your PC then you have to follow these simple steps:

SurfEasy Users Reviews

on June 18, 2014
I found this very easy to install an was up and running in minutes. It made no difference in my internet performance or speed. In this crazy world today why would you not want more privacy on the web?
on March 3, 2017
complicated to use, have to insert it & sign in each time. a joke
on October 18, 2016
Going online with Surfeasy was a real problem. Still not working correctly and connecting with support from Surfeasy is nearly impossible!
ByJ. Scannell October 21, 2013
It almost works very well. I initially thought it would make a VPN tunnel that would protect ALL of my network connections. However, I found that only the Private Browser is going through the tunnel and is protected. If I run my Mac’s Safari, Mail, FTP, etc. … None of this is protected. I called their customer support and it took awhile to get them to confirm this and even then, they didn’t give much detail or advice about how to use the device in the best way.


Privacy is everyone’s right and when things come in terms of online privacy then it becomes more essential because the internet is a type of platform where your confidential information can be hacked within minutes. SurfEasy VPN plays a distinctive role to maintain your privacy so give it a try. Still, have any question regarding it, don’t be hesitate to ask us. If you have ever used this VPN then share your experience with us.







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