SwitchShare app allows to share Nintendo Switch Friend Codes on WhatsApp, text or mail


Just a few days ago the new Nintendo console is already on sale and if you are one of the lucky ones to have it at home or have researched a lot about it, you will know that it has what is known as friend codes. For its fame, it is a tool that many users reject, but that to us seems to us quite useful.

These friend codes would become a kind of account number with which we can identify ourselves, so that we can compete and share our games achievements with friends and family when we play online.

Luckily, Android developers are everywhere. And as noted by users of the XDA Developers forum, Google Play already has a specific application to be able to comfortably share our friend code. Do you want to meet this app?

The application in question is called SwitchShare, and as its name indicates, it serves to share our friend code. The app has a single main screen, where we can enter our friend code and share it directly with our contacts through the list below.

By default, the options to share this code are through WhatsApp, via SMS or mail (if the contact in question has this information). But in addition, we also find a button to share the code through any other messaging app, notes, Bluetooth, etc.

The app was launched just two days ago, which explains why it has hardly any downloads. What we did not like is that despite doing little, it is not quite right. When we click to share our code directly with X contact through WhatsApp, it does not write any default message where the code is included.

In order for this message to appear it is necessary to click on the generic button of sharing and later to find the contact or the application that we are going to use. This problem does not occur when we use SMS or email, so we understand that it is a timely failure.

Another thing I miss is an option to search for contacts. We can scroll to get to it, yes, but it is much more comfortable to have a search tool of this type.

If you are interested in trying it we leave the link right at the end of this article. Despite those little mistakes that we talk about it is worth trying and give it a try. It’s free, although it includes ads on the bottom and its performance is quite good.

Google Play Store: SwitchShare


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