Swype 3.0.1: The Pioneering Keyboard in Gesture Writing is Updated With Emojis Prediction

Swype app

Swype Keyboard 3.0.1 smart emojis prediction, row numbers and more. It may seem that applications such as SwiftKey, Fleksy, Chrooma or Google’s own Gboard have recently eclipsed the existence of Swype, but the truth is that the pioneer in gesture writing on Android has much to say.

In fact, the latest update that has just come to Swype with version 3.0.1, can make you change your mind about the application, and after knowing this news, you may want to use it again.

If you do not know Swype Keyboard today, you should know that, a few years ago, it was one of the most famous keyboards on Android, and was the first to offer writing through gestures that today have integrated the majority of applications of this type. Some reputed firms, such as Samsung, even came to include this keyboard natively in their terminals.

The update has arrived today with several interesting developments that bring it up to the most popular keyboards available today on Android platform. Among them, we can highlight the prediction of smart emojis or the inclusion of an option to activate a row of numbers on the keyboard.

According to the official list of changes, the new features that arrive with Swype 3.0.1 are the following:

  • Prediction of emojis based on the content of the text.
  • Option to activate a row of numbers.
  • Option to hide secondary characters.
  • Improvements in the text prediction engine.
  • Improvements in handwriting.
  • Recognition of multiple Chinese characters in handwriting.
  • New languages and keyboards (Uyghur, Kashmiri and Russian).

The update is now available on Google Play for users who already have the app installed on their devices. If you have not tried Swype on your Android, you should know that you can use the application for free for 30 days, but later you will have to make a payment of $0.99 to enjoy all the features.


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