t: Command Line Interface for Twitter

t : Twitter command line Interface

Twitter clients come in many different types, since the API it offers is flexible enough to virtually offer all the features we see in official Twitter apps, including the web version. Tweetdeck has become the preferred option for many to manage their accounts, a platform that Twitter will surely use to offer premium payment features to its users.

Today we will not talk about hootsuite or Tweetdeck or any other popular customer, we will talk about a different one: t.

Available in sferik.github.io/t/, it is a client that works on the command line of Mac, Linux and Windows, so that we can update our account or read the information of other people directly from that environment, without the need to open any web browser and run heavy extra applications.

t has a help menu which offers a lot of options and they are very varied. With t we can see if one user follows another, the lists of all that we follow, all the lists we have created and many more features. With the possibilities offered by t and mixing it with the usual commands of a linux console, the result can be extremely powerful.

On their website they explain the installation process for different operating systems. The installation will not be simple for most users, but it is worth it.


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