Telegram is updated with official support for calls

Telegram App

Telegram is our preferred messaging application. Yes, we know that you use WhatsApp and we will not convince you to change application, but you should experience it. Telegram is safer, more open, has infinite cloud storage, better support for GIFs, but so far, it did not have support for global calls.

This has changed. Telegram has just updated to version 3.18 to include voice calls, along with other interesting news. If you want to know everything about this update, stay with us.
It is official, Telegram has support for calls, and seems to be the best of any application. They have been working on this novelty for a long time. They made sure that they have the best quality, security and an amazing user experience.

They have prepared a simple interface to use, but respecting the lines of Material Design. Calls are encrypted end-to-end as in WhatsApp, so you can be sure that you are safe from any cyber attacks. They have used strong encryption keys to enhance the security aspect, so it remains to be seen if they are even more secure than WhatsApp calls.

They also claim to be fast. The calls will have a peer-to-peer connection, with integrated audio codecs that will save data traffic and give the user a crystal clear audio experience, as we are told. They have boosted their servers so that the calls are more stable. It remains to be seen if this is true.

The most interesting thing is that you will have complete control over Telegram calls. You can choose who can and who can not call you, configure privacy, disable them. Apart from this, the calls will adapt to the speed and stability of your connection, to save the maximum data. As with the update in WhatsApp, you will have a data saving option, which will reduce the quality of the data.

To enjoy this function you must wait until the update arrives.


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