TeraCopy Review – Copy, paste and move our data faster than ever!


Today I bring to you TeraCopy review, a program that is in charge of replacing the manager that comes by default in the operating system.

One of the most important tasks with which we find ourselves when working with systems is to manipulate our files, especially when copying or moving them from one location to another. We need that process to be reliable, and generally Windows is very unreliable in that regard.

Over of TeraCopy

Copying files with the Windows Explorer can become really heavy, given its null ability to calculate the remaining time and its huge amount of failures when copying. It happens many times that something that should take 2 minutes ends up taking 5 and, at the end, it fails. That’s why TeraCopy is the perfect substitute.

Once TeraCopy is installed, it will be integrated into the system to take over any file copy, making sure that all files start and finish correctly. Even those with a huge size will be managed as such, as TeraCopy optimizes transfers and manages the buffer much better than the Windows Explorer.

TeraCopy is a program specialized in transferring large amounts of data without errors. In fact, you can even verify if the transfer has had no problem with the “Verify” button.

Additionally, in the context menu of any file or directory, we can access a small TeraCopy interface through which we can start some basic functions.

TeraCopy is an application that speeds up file copying and presents many improvements to the Windows default system.

Characteristics of TeraCopy

TeraCopy speeds up the process of copying and moving large amounts of files, while the Windows Explorer performs this task with an insufferable calm, this application goes to everything it gives. The application uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce search time. It has the ability to pause and resume the file transfer as you can pause the copy process at any time and continue with a click later. If it detects an error, TeraCopy will try several times to continue the task, if it is not possible, it will skip the file and continue with the transfer. When the execution is finished, the program shows the failed transfers for analysis. It integrates in the Windows context menu and it is possible to enable its function as the default system.

TeraCopy relieves those frustrations generated when copying or transferring files encounters problems and the Windows Explorer aborts all work. In TeraCopy, if necessary you can pause the task and wait for the computer resources to be re-established to continue or set the priority in the same dialog where the progress bar is presented.

Final TeraCopy review

It handles all the tasks related to the copying of files, to move them from location, to check the capacity of destination before the copy, to be able to verify the files before and after being moved or copied, in addition, it has a detailed list of the files that are being manipulated.

There are two things I have to point out, being able to pause the process and most interestingly in the event of a file failure, TeraCopy will continue to try to copy the file and in the worst case it will pass that file but the copy of the remaining files will continue to be done which is impossible to do by the default manager in Windows.

I recommend it when working with a huge amount of files, or when we need to copy files into read, or sensitive data. TeraCopy handles it brilliantly.

It weighs less than 3 MB. TeraCopy has qualities that should be present in the operating system, especially that speed unprecedented in its performance. It is free and complete and you also have a purchase option.

I strongly recommend this tool as it has saved me on complicated occasions, with sensitive data and has never failed me.

I hope you enjoy it and look forward to your comments and your experiences.


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