‘Terraria’ has already sold more than 20 million units

‘Terraria’ shared a promotional image for the celebration of its 20 million sales which you can see above.

Although ‘Terraria Otherworld’ may seem like a simple game in terms of its graphics and the fact that it is two-dimensional, Re-Logic’s has managed to make a large player base within this title.

‘Terraria’ has already reached the 20 million sold copies, an achievement for this independent title of Re-Logic, which continues to grow in content, players and platforms that can be played on this title. Nintendo Switch is the next platform for Terraria. The developer has planned to launch this title, without doubt another great launch, for the future console of Nintendo.

As we can see, despite having a great number of years behind it, ‘Terraria’ continues to sell, thanks to many factors such as its price, that being an indie is not very high on different platforms. When it is launched in offers like those of Steam, usually leaves it almost free. Another great aspect is its content, which has continued to increase over the years. It seems that it will not stop offering new content in the future, as Re-Logic reported in its forum.


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