‘Teslagrad’ was more successful on Wii U than on other platforms


The low sales of Wii U caused many developers choose not to develop Wii U supported versions of their games if they had very limited resources. This greatly affected independent developers who were faced to deal with a console that did not support the most popular creative engines in order to make a version for a very small market of potential buyers, which led to many independent creators choosing to move their games from Wii U ante for the fear of being an economic failure.

Although not all the independent developers saw everything black on Wii U, since Rain Games had a very favorable experience when taking out its game ‘Teslagrad’ in the console of Teslagrad. In a recent interview, its CEO Peter Wingaard commented that the Wii U version was the most profitable for the studio, despite having released the game on PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One.

The fact is that having few games to fight for sales on the platform meant that there was little competition, along with console buyers that wanted new titles. All this was ideal for an independent game in the eShop and in the case of ‘Teslagrad’, the title of platforms and puzzles managed to be several times in the list of best selling games of the digital store, which achieved a lot of short term visibility that resulted in more digital sales that managed to consolidate the study.

‘Teslagrad’ is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle-platform video game developed and published by Rain Games. The game was released in Wii U version in 2014, which has been the most profitable version from all the other versions of this game. The fact is that due to less competition the game did well in this version but that is not the only reason as many users gave positive reviews about the game as well. So, yes the less competition did help but the game is great too.


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