The Acer Jade Primo Did Not Finally Upgrade To The Anniversary Update

Acer Jade Primo

The landscape in Windows 10 Mobile is declining more and more unfortunately. The Acer Jade Primo will not be upgraded to the Anniversary update as they believe that this update can make the phone unstable.

In September of 2015, during the celebration of the IFA Berlin, Acer introduced its first high-end phone that would arrive with the then new operating system of Windows 10 Mobile, the Acer Jade Primo.

At first it was said that it would arrive at the end of the year, but perhaps to the delay of the official arrival of Windows 10 Mobile, we have not finally seen it on sale until well into 2016. In fact you can read our analysis of Jade Primo we published in September last year.

In the last months since the Jade Primo was put on sale all over the world, we have seen how it has suffered a very suspicious price cuts.

In addition, the phone has not received the Anniversary Update, the latest version of Windows 10 Mobile that arrived in the middle of last year. The only way to have this update was through the Windows Insider program.

As reported by the German site Windows United, they could have talked to an Acer spokesman and confirmed that Acer Jade Primo would not receive the Anniversary Update. The reason? It seems that the update makes the phone very unstable and is not considered appropriate to update it.

Not all the hopes are lost, it could be possible to skip the update and update directly to Creators Update, this has been seen on many occasions on Android phones.

Being realistic and seeing the attitude of Acer with its commitment to Windows 10 Mobile, it is quite unlikely that Anniversary update will finally happen in Acer Jade Primo.


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