The announcement of Nintendo Switch in the Super Bowl has paid off

The advertisement of Nintendo Switch in the Super Bowl has proved to be a successful campaign for the company.

On American night February 5-6, a large audience stayed true to the annual Super Bowl rally, the NFL (National Football League) championship final. Given that viewers are counted by millions, there are numerous companies that take advantage of this moment to announce their products. This year, Nintendo has been one of these companies, and its protagonism has been accompanied by a 30-second advertisement where you could see the coming console Nintendo Switch and video game ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’.

The strategy, although risky, since the announcement was not starred by any sports game, has proved to be successful. Ace Metrix, a company dedicated to analyzing the reach and impact of commercials, has shared the impressions of the ads that were broadcast during the Super Bowl.

Taking a look at the ten most popular, Nintendo managed to occupy the fourth place. A fourth position obtained after taking into account aspects such as the attention shown by the audience to the announcement, whether or not liked, the information it conveys, if it is able to change an opinion and make it more favorable towards the brand or the product, Its relevance, the desire to get hold of what it sees and other aspects.

The company reflects that Switch’s announcement, in addition to a surprise, was able to demonstrate an innovative product through a fun advertisement.

This is the list of the ten most relevant and successful ads this year during the Super Bowl:

– Ford – Go Further

– Audi – Daughter

– King’s Hawaiian – False Cabinet

– Nintendo – Switch & Play

– Kia – Hero’s Journey

– Skittles – Romance

– LIFEWTR – Inspiration

– Febreze – Halftime Bathroom Break is Coming

– Wonderful Pistachios – Ernie Gets Physical

– Honda – Yearbooks


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