The autonomy of OnePlus 3 increases with the latest Beta update

OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T

While OnePlus recently released Android 7.1.1 for its most representative models, OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T, the firm is also working on a software testing program, as are other brands such as Google and Apple. This is the reason why the Chinese manufacturer made two firmwares Beta available to its customers, Open Beta 14 for OnePlus 3 and Open Beta 5 for OnePlus 3T, with many optimizations including an increase in battery life and an overall improvement in the autonomy of OnePlus 3 and its respective model, OnePlus 3T.

Since developing its proprietary software project, far from the domains of the extinct Cyanogen OS, OnePlus has been concerned with providing constant and fluid update support. At least that’s how it was for its star models – at one time OnePlus 2 and now OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. However, its trajectory that this field has not been simple, especially with Oxygen OS 4, the version of its firmware based on Android Nougat.

Optimizing the autonomy of the OnePlus 3

In fact, the latest versions of the update and their respective revisions have failed to optimize battery consumption. This was proven by those who have tried the latest trial versions released by the company. However, the manufacturer just announced the release of a new Beta update that affects this point so much that those who have already tried it have noticed the improvement despite not having spent even 24 hours.

Other patches and bug fixes

However, the Open Beta 5 for OnePlus 3T and the Open Beta 14 for OnePlus 3 include a multitude of bug fixes. As it is possible to consult in the official forums of the Asian brand, this new firmware has patches to solve errors detected in the Bluetooth connection in the car, as well as the connection with the GPS signal. There is also an improvement in the new Night mode that came with the official update of Android 7.1.1.

The latest Beta also affects the launcher. It correct errors detected with the app launcher, wallpapers settings section and the clock widget.


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