The autonomy of the iPhone 8 will be superior to the iPhone 7 Plus

iphone 8 autonomy better than iphone 7 plus

The battery life has become a key aspect in every smartphone today. In this field, Apple could surprise us with the launch of their expected iPhone. There is evidence that the autonomy of the iPhone 8 will not only be higher than iPhone 7 but could also surpass that of iPhone 7 Plus.

Everything indicates that iPhone 8 will be a major qualitative leap compared to iPhone 7. It will be known for its complete renovation in the section of design and in hardware. The iPhone 8 is expected to incorporate great new features. We know that the screen will be one of its pillars but there is information that also suggests that the future iPhone will also take noticeable changes in performance and autonomy.

An iPhone 8 completely renovated in every way.

Apple will pose a design change for iPhone 8 case but it’s also expected to work on optimizing the interior design of the new iPhone. A work that is fermented by the miniaturization of its components, elimination of other components, particularly the 3.5 millimeters jack for headphones among other techniques. All with a common purpose of leaving more free space for a larger battery.

The truth is that we have already seen this beforehand from other manufacturers. Although, it is a no-brainer they have now realized that in addition to optimizing software and manufacturing more efficient components, smartphones achieve greater autonomy if a larger battery is included.

The various leaks help us to know the Apple’s plans to make all this possible in the new iPhone 8. One of the sources that have revealed the most in this respect is analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who in the effort to make the most accurate reports and passes his investment clients leads to exhaustive field research.

According to his sources, the distribution of components on iPhone 8’s motherboard will be a lot different then what we have seen on any iPhone before. This way it will be possible to integrate a single plate and not duplicated, with one layer on the other that encourages chips to be more efficient and have lower energetic consumption.

Design of iPhone 8 battery

More important things will be in the redesign of iPhone 8’s battery that could well take L-shape to significantly increase its capacity. All this is due to the changes and new way of components distribution in its interior. According to the latest rumors poured on Internet, Apple will be able to include a battery with a capacity of 2,700 mAh. However the highlight of all this is that it will have a 5.2 inch screen (which will occupy much of the front) in a casing with dimensions similar to those of iPhone 7 with 4.7 inch screen.

However, one of the key things for the possible and significant increase in the autonomy of iPhone 8 lies in the choice of an OLED screen. This type of panels is characterized by being thinner than the LCD that have historically equipped all generations of iPhone. This reduction of panel thickness automatically translates into greater interior volume that is supposedly intended for the aforementioned 2,700 mAh battery.

Also, the technology on which it is based, the OLED screen of iPhone 8 will consume less energy due to the lack of backlight.

All these applied changes together would lead to the significant increase in the autonomy of iPhone 8 compared to iPhone 7 and may even exceed the battery life of the iPhone 7 Plus. It would not be surprising when we consider that iPhone 7 Plus has 2,900 mAh and LCD screen of 5.5 inches. Check here to backup and restore Apple iPhone to PC.


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