The Backward Compatibility of Xbox 360 on PC is Unlikely, but not Impossible

For a long time we have been living in the evolution of the ecosystem that Microsoft is trying to implement with a combination of its Xbox and Windows brand. A new detail about this universe created by the Redmond is issued through a message on Twitter by the head of the Xbox brand, Phil Spencer.

A user of the social network has asked Spencer about the possibility of playing Xbox 360 games in Windows 10 in the future, thanks to the backward compatibility that has taken a year to cheer the life of users of Xbox One.

The head of the brand has replied that it would be a much more expensive job than making those games compatible with Xbox One because the console is a closed system and in PC would have to deal with many configurations.

In this way it is clear that it would be a very expensive job and that surely will not end up happening (except in the current situation in which Microsoft and Xbox move), but the manager ends up saying never say never.

Perhaps this would be the only possibility that the future PC gamers can, once and for all, enjoy a version of ‘Red Dead Redemption’.


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