The Beta of Android 7.0 for Huawei Nova Plus and Honor 6x Has Already Been Released

The beta of Android 7.0 Nougat update for Huawei Nova Plus and Honor 6X has already arrived and soon the public update will reach all terminals. One of the issues that most concern users in the day to day is the issue of updates, and is that it is increasingly important that your mobile is upgraded to the latest version of Android, as it will be more secure. Today, we commented that the beta of Android 7.0 for Huawei Nova Plus and Honor 6X is already beginning its deployment.

EMUI has never been one of the best layers of customization, but since last year, with EMUI 5.0 based on Android 7.0 Nougat, we can see how things have changed and how it has managed to catch up with the other layers of personalization of the best manufacturers in the market. Now, all phones with EMUI 5.0 inside, have nothing to envy the rest.

A topic that had always choked Chinese companies was the subject of updates, but we have seen how EMUI has evolved a lot in that regard. This layer of personalization has never been classified as one of the best, but over the years we have been able to see how much it has grown. Both Huawei and Honor mobiles use this layer of customization. We recently commented on the worldwide launch of Honor 6X, which was presented at the CES in Las Vegas, but today we will talk about the update of this terminal, and Nova Plus, to the latest version of Android,

The Huawei Nova Plus became one of the best terminals last year for 400 dollars, while Honor 6X has achieved the position of one of the best terminals in terms of value for money. So the news that we bring is that Huawei, in one of its official Twitter account has commented on the beta version of Android 7.0 for Huawei Nova Plus and Honor 6X has already begun to deploy, which means that you can start trying now.

We have tried to find where it can be downloaded, or some download link to install it, but apparently we have not yet found it. We will be attentive to update in the moment and update this post as we find the official links shared the company.

For Huawei Nova Plus, we still have no official date, although we assume it will be the same as the Honor 6X. Earlier, we commented that its update date for Android 7.0 Nougat would be in the month of March as confirmed by Honor which could be true as the beta is already launced. This update will bring us many improvements, so it will be very good news for all its users.


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