The Clash Royale Clan Chest Event will happen at the weekend

Clash Royale

Many of the players hooked to SuperCell’s success are aware that one way to quickly win great prizes is to participate in the Clash Royale Clan Chest event that takes place at the beginning of each week. However you may have already noticed that this game mode is going through some changes, just confirmed by the company through Twitter.

The Clan Chest event consists of an event that appears every 7 days, usually from Monday to Wednesday, through which clans can win prizes for all members of the same clan and sacrifice together to receive all the rewards that are worth the redundancy.

Clan Chest is a game mode in which each member of the group must “pay” with a certain number of coins to try to access higher prizes. However there are many who do not know that from now on, this event will stop being held from Monday to Wednesday, as it has been happening so far, and Clash Royale Clan Chest event will take place over the weekend. That’s when all players can access the most succulent rewards of the game SuperCell.

What happens with the expected March event?

There have been a lot of rumors about the great March update of Clash Royale, but none of them originates from a reliable source. That is why to know what news will bring us the new version of the game, we must stick to the tracks provided by the company, such as the possibility of developing a “macro event” lasting several weeks in Clash Royale.

One of the possible novelties that would accompany this event of the game of almost one month of duration is the mode “Team Battle” that would follow to a certain extent the operation of the Clan’s Box. A final leak on the part of the company where a new mode is detected whose first words start with “T2” and “B” indicates that soon there will be battles between clans within Clash Royale.

However, there is still no official confirmation from SuperCell, so the only thing we can do for the moment is wait.


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