The Creators of ‘Steamworld Heist’ Try Again With a Possible Friend of Rusty

For March this year, specifically during the celebration of the PAX East event, European developer Image & Form is expected to announce its new project, which will surely come in Nintendo Switch, since they have a devkit since shortly after E3.

Everything indicates that will be a new game of the ‘Steamworld’ franchise for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC, although the ads that keep us Image & Form go beyond that.

In a recent tweet, the developer reveals that they already prepare the announcement for the fair in the month of March and encourages us to look for a clue in a photo of what can be his office. Many users have noticed a mysterious figure of Rusty, the protagonist of ‘SteamWorld Dig’, which also has the same size and a base with the same shape of Amiibo figures.

It would not be the first time we are encouraged to wait for a friend of Rusty, given that they removed the subject of that figure in 2015. The plans may have advanced and now they are ready to announce the figure. If confirmed, it would be the third time that an amiibo created outside of Nintendo, after that of ‘Shovel Knight’ and those of ‘Monster Hunter: Stories’.


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