The design of Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 will improve significantly with aluminum


The presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 is imminent. This is indicated by some of the last leaks produced. However, today we have access to transcendental information. The step of the smartphone by the facilities of the FCC to certify the wireless section of the phone shows a scheme of the design of Samsung Galaxy J7 2017. However, the highlight of this point are not the forms of the case, but rather its composition, which points to metal, aluminum.

Since the beginning of the year, rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 have gradually intensified. To date we have witnessed leaks that have given us part of the technical file with its characteristics. The design has been another flank we had occasion to tackle from covers and photos. However, the information from the US FCC leaves another clue relating the design of the Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 that may be a major change in the model compared to previous generations.

The information dossier was offered by Samsung to the FCC so that its future new range of entry can achieve the wireless certification of the same organization and to be commercialized in the USA offers us a track of great relevance. That is none other than the arrival of the metal to the low range of Samsung. The design of Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 will be improved not only by a refreshment in its lines with respect to previous generations. From documents that show the antennas of the phones has been concluded that the casing of the new Galaxy J7 will be manufactured in aluminum.


Design of Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 from an FCC sketch

This detail can be extracted from the upper and lower bands that appear in the back of the carcass of the same, as shown in the graph. This type of lines are the solution of the manufacturers when it comes to include an antenna in a metal casing in order not to interfere in the effectiveness of the same when receiving the electromagnetic waves. A detail that does not happen in a housing made from plastics such as polycarbonate, widely used in low-end smartphones because of its economic nature.

The design of Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 will make a qualitative leap.

This year Samsung can make a considerable qualitative leap in its range of access with a renewed aesthetic, but at the same time with superior finishes. A move that will help the South Koreans to catch up with other brands, especially those low cost that had stood out to date to equip their models with metal casings, a quality that was recently associated with smartphones with higher quality.

It remains to be seen if this change will therefore affect the official price of the new Samsung Galaxy J7 2017. An effect that we will not check until the device is officially presented, something that, given the latest events and leaks, may be close to occur, perhaps in a matter of a few weeks.


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