The design of the Moto Z2 Play is shown for the first time in a press photo

motorola moto z play

Lenovo will soon put the second generation of Moto Z on the table and one of the models that will arrive will be Moto Z2 Play. As was the case last year with Moto Z Play, this corresponds to the most affordable version of Moto Z2. Well, we already have the first image with the design of Moto Z2 Play.

While Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus were the first Lenovo innovations for this year of 2017, the rumors and leaks put us on trail of other models and ranges that will be renewed throughout this year. In addition to Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus and the entry range represented by Moto C, one of the lines of smartphones that will receive a fresh air will be the family of Moto Z devices. As the technological portal TechnoBuffalo shows, the Chinese firm will soon proceed with the update of its current Moto Z Play model, the most accessible of Moto Z devices.

Design of Moto Z2 Play

As the source details, the attached image shows what will correspond to the future Moto Z2 Play. A model that logic positions as the natural substitute of Moto Z Play, the most economical and accessible version of the Moto Z, the new high range developed by Lenovo and previously represented by the Motorola, Moto X.

At first glance, the photo of the smartphone shows how many aesthetic and functional details offered by the first clues. Tracks that lead us to a couple of differences with respect to Moto Z Play presented in 2016. The first and most outstanding is regarding the change of fingerprint sensor integrated in front of the equipment. The photo with the design of Moto Z2 Play gives us a perspective of a more stylized sensor with the same shape as the one recently integrated in the Moto G5. A fingerprint sensor, that in turn is associated with different tactile gestures to enhance the experience of using both the system and the button.

Moto Z2 Play image

Small aesthetic differences

Regarding the housing, the design of the Moto Z2 Play does not show great differences from the previous generation. There is only a slight difference in the surface of the Power button. Broadly, the aesthetic lines are maintained, with a really reduced thickness and a rear camera with a prominent protuberance. The aesthetic factor goes in line of the adjustment system with the Moto Mods.

Regarding the technical characteristics of this Moto Z2 Play, the filtration has left no data in this regard. However, some specs are expected to be based on a Snapdragon 625 processor, 3GB RAM, a 32GB storage system, a 16-megapixel camera, and a battery with similar capabilities as the first-generation Moto Z Play, which is of 3515 mAh.

On the date of presentation, it is speculated that the event could occur on June 8, at least according to the date that appears in the weather widget of the smartphone since the image itself would correspond with an official image.


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