The Design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will take the Reduction of the Screen Edges to Extreme

There will be predecessor of the Xiaomi Mi Mix. The enormous attraction generated by the surprising Chinese model already endorsed by itself a sequel in the catalog of Xiaomi. In fact, the firm has already announced that the designer who shaped the Mi Mix will work on the design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. The first details that have transcended is a further reduction of the edges from the screen. The result could be even more surprising than that achieved by the first model.

If there is a model that caused a sensation in 2016 that was the Xiaomi Mi Mix, which was presented alongside the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. It not only robbed all the protagonism to the curved screen model, it also seduced the smartphone industry immeasurably. In fact, the design line of the Xiaomi Mi Mix has been a source of inspiration for practically all brands of the sector.
However, Asians do not want to lose recognition as a brand that revolutionized the design of smartphones. As expected, Xiaomi has returned to work to evolve the line of the Xiaomi Mi Mix and get an even more impressive model both visually and practically.

To this end, the technology firm has already officially announced through Xiaomi CEO Weibo’s account that he will continue to rely on the creativity of designer Philippe Starck, the promoter of the Xiaomi Mi Mix as one of the most striking phablet market.

As it could not be otherwise, the Chinese brand has insinuated that it will continue to innovate with the next generation of the Xiaomi Mi Mix, something that we can well interpret as the intention to give a twist more to the design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. In fact, the first rumors about it speak of a model that expresses the characteristics that has worked so well with the Xiaomi Mi Mix. That is none other than the display ratio of the front phone. Some people suggested that the ratio will go up to 93%, or what is the same, 93% of the front surface will be occupied by the display.

Although a relationship of 91.3% was initially associated with the Xiaomi Mi Mix, we must remember that subsequent analyzes and studies determined that this percentage was too optimistic and the measurements actually indicated 84.72%.

One way or another, the important thing about the information that starts to surface is that the design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will be marked by an even sharper reduction of the edges of the screen.


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