The Dot Pattern is the Easiest Unlock System to Hack

Lock Screen Pattern

Safety is something that concerns us all. Rare is the person who does not have a locking system such as a fingerprint, a PIN or a dot pattern on his or her phone. And it is precisely the latter that we are going to discuss today, because researchers have managed to create an algorithm that is capable of solving any pattern of points, no matter how complex, in less than five tries. We explain how he does it, because he has no waste.

The study, which has been carried out by UK and Chinese researchers, reveals that “the dot pattern is insultingly easy to decipher.” Think of it in the following way. A dot pattern is still a drawing we make on the screen, which means that anyone who is moderately attentive can decipher it. In fact, something as simple as the path we make with the footprint can reveal us, or even the movement of our arm. In this last one the algorithm is based.

The algorithm analyzes the movements of the arm and hand and deciphers the pattern of points on 95% of the occasions. For the experiment, it was recorded with a conventional telephone on five people unlocking their smartphone from a distance of 2.5 meters. The algorithm interpreted the movements of the arm and hand, and generated a series of possible alternatives, which almost always succeeded. In fact, the experiment shows that the more complex the pattern, the easier it is to decipher because you give more data to the algorithm.

So devastating have been the results of the experiment that experts recommend that this unlock system is not used. It is also true that this algorithm can be avoided by covering a little with the other hand when we introduce the pattern. If you are still using the dot pattern, you should opt to change the system. Typically, a password or fingerprint sensor is usually more secure.


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